Current Operations

The CDRC supports hundreds of Michigan criminal defense attorneys, trial and appellate, with a wide range of web-based services, publications, phone consultation, and training events. The web-based services ( include 24/7 access to online databases (pleadings, expert testimony, and more), court opinion summaries, four practice manuals (the Defender Books), the monthly Criminal Defense Newsletter, and archives of messages exchanged in the Forum, the CDRC’s criminal defense listserv. A partnership with the Wayne County Crimninal Defense Attorneys Association provides daily research assistance to criminal defense attorneys practicing in Michigan’s busiest criminal court.

CDRC technology training events take place throughout Michigan each year, covering common issues and emerging techniques. And, the CDRC partners with other training providers to sponsor seminars of the Wayne County Criminal Advocacy Program (CAP), and conferences and the trial college of the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan (CDAM).  

CDRC operations are funded through a combination of SADO budgetary support, user fees, and grants.