Upcoming Events

Date Org. Event Location
May 17, 2021 WCCDBA Wayne County Brown Bag: Sentencing Alternatives in Wayne County Zoom
May 18, 2021 SADO Jail & Pretrial Task Force: Update on New Laws for Defenders Zoom
May 20-21, 2021 CDAM Evidence Boot Camp C Zoom
June 2, 2021 SADO Cultural Mindfulness Storytelling: Capturing the Lived Experiences of our Clients Zoom
June 8, 2021 SADO Through the Eyes of a Child: Miranda and Statement Suppression in Juvenile Court Zoom
June 14-July 23, 2021 NAPD Course: Supporting Well-Being in Public Defense (Part 2) Online Course
June 24, 2021 CAP Nurses for Social Justice: Medical Records Revealed and Alleged Injuries Zoom
June 30, 2021 CAP Cell Tower Evidence and Public Defenders Zoom
October 4-November 19, 2021 NAPD Representing Transgender and Non-Binary Clients: A Skills-Based Approach Online Course
October 21-22, 2021 CDAM Skills Training 101 Zoom
November 3-5, 2021 NAPD Racial Justice Conference Montgomery, 2021 Montgomery, AL