Upcoming Events

Date Org. Event Location
December 2, 2020 SADO Sentencing Mitigation Annual Fall Training Zoom
December 4, 2020 CAP Michigan and Supreme Court Update Zoom
December 18, 2020 NAPD Managing Your Workload (So You Can Effectively Manage Others) Webinar
January 11, 2021-February 19, 2021 NAPD Working with Clients Who Challenge Us: Building Relationships and Inviting Change Behavior Online Course
January 15, 2021 CAP Collateral Consequences of Convictions Zoom
January 29, 2021 CAP Defending Abusive Head Trauma Cases Zoom
February 12, 2021 CAP Common Appellate Issues in CSC Cases Zoom
March 12, 2021 CAP Making Sense of Those Autopsy Reports Zoom